Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year

So here I am on the Eve of another New Year. I am looking forward to all the new experiences that 2014 will bring. I know there will be some challenges, but I am ready for them. They will just continue to make me a stronger person and stretch me to new heights.  I have updated my list with some new adventures as well as some that were not quit accomplished in previous years. Its a melting pot of excitement and motivation to not just let life pass by with out fulfilling all of my passions.
I will be kicking off the New Year with family and friends and getting everything written down on the new calendar. Some of the things I can't wait to do are of course go to Germany with close friends. To submerge myself in anther new culture. I am looking forward to being an Aunt again for the second time to a niece. Plus, going back to school. These are just a few of the great things that 2014 already has to offer and it has not even started yet.
Well, with all that being said. Get out of your bubble, box, wheel house, or whatever you would like to call it. Go out and live in this beautiful and amazing world. I know I am.

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