Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reducing my SUGAR intake, slow and steady wins the race.

#4 Reduce Sugar Intake
I started reducing my sugar intake on Saturday January 7th. I started by cutting it out completely. I know pretty drastic right. But go Big or Go home. Cold turkey. Anyway you get the point. I started back on the strict Paleo diet. I have done this before. It is definitely not a diet, but a life style change. So fare so good. I will keep everyone updated and post pictures of all the cool stuff I eat.

Also I kicked this off on Saturday, because then when it comes time to run that 10K I will be ready! Until next time You Are What You Eat.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Kick Off: Bakery Food Crawl

To kick of the year I decided to do a food crawl. This food crawl consisted of all the local bakeries within the Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley areas. I went to 5 different places, which varied from cupcakes to baklava. I embarked on this adventure with my mom and youngest brother.
The places that I visited are:

Chocolatine: French Bakery. They have amazing French macaroons and pastries as well as hot chocolate, quiche, sandwiches, and much more. It is run by a husband and wife a long with their son. They are from France so you can brush up on your French while you are there!         
Sweet Arleen's: Yes, that's right two time cupcake wars winner! They are awesome. So we tried their red velvet which they are known for and the chocolate marshmallow. The red velvet was delicious, although the marshmallow was as a total let down. They also sell sweet and savory bread puddings.
   Champagne: Is also a French restaurant in the Westlake Promenade. This place is great for lunch although their pastries and desserts are totally unimpressive. I am surprised they call themselves a French restaurant. Any way I ordered the lemon cookie; chocolate dipped raspberry filled sponge cookie, and the almond croissant.

Bread Basket: They have amazing cakes and this is what they are known for. They do offer other things too. The signature bread basket fruit cake is famous all over Camarillo. Their tulip cup is impressive also. If you are in town I highly recommend this place

Baklava Factory: Calling All Baklava lovers! This place is a diamond in the rough, the rough of Ventura Boulevard that is. The baklava factory is located in Encino. The first time I step foot in this bakery I thought I had died and went to heaven. My uncle had brought me to this remarkable place. This pastry shop has one of a kind treats, which not only includes baklava, but cookies. The baklava is great and so is the lady who works there. This store has been in her family for many years and she can give you some impressive amounts of history on the pastry.
Fried Dough
Bird Nest Baklava
Assorted Baklava
Assorted Baklava

 This was a fun an exciting way to kick off the new year. I had a great time with my family and trying new things to eat. I will definitely be going back to some of these places and others not so much. I hope you enjoyed my feed back as well as my photos. Plus, I hope the next time you are in or around Ventura County or the San Fernando Valley, you give these places a go. Until next time, I bid you good eats!
Happy New Year!