Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Revamping the Blog

So its been a  year and half since I have updated the blog. Life has been crazy and a ton of things have happened. I became an aunt again twice. I now have a nephew and two nieces, who are the cutest kid you ever did see. From spending time with them and working. I have not had much time to write updates. Although, I did continue to accomplish some things on the LIST. See the old list below and the things I completed.

In re-vamping the blog I will be streamlining the original list and adding in some new items. The list will be shorter, this way I will be able to write about each thing I do. Plus, add any additional posts on other adventures not listed. The list will no longer be a year to year list. It will be a revolving list over the course of several years. This way I will have more time to execute each item.

For the rest of this year I have some exciting things planned.

1. Travel to Germany in September
2. Visit New York during Christmas time.
3. Continue to work on Cakie’s Cookies and have a commercial site by end of the year.
4. Learn to cook really great Thai food
5.Establish a foundation that helps children
6. Save Money
7. Go horseback riding
8. Stay at a beach house for a week during the summer.
9. Run in the color run 5K
10. Take the GRE
11. Get my master’s in business
12. Make pasta from scratch
13. Read the entire bible
14. Buy a derby hat
15. Reorganize my bedroom
16. Frame some of the pictures I have taken
17. Learn to sail
18. Learn to speak French (or at least start)
19. Go to Utah for my birthday and snowboard
20. Visit the Getty museum in L.A.
21. Take more surfing lessons this summer
22. Plant a vegetable garden
23. Go to at least one concert
.24. Go to a clipper basketball game
25. Attend a cooking class
26. Learn to crochet a blanket

27. Learn to scuba dive and take a trip to Catalina.